One of the keys to any industry’s success is the efficiency in moving its product through its terminal or processing facility. Through our history, there are only a few bulk product handling systems that Continental has not had experience in installing (and in some cases, designing and installing). Systems for various grains, stone, cement, wood/paper products, chemicals, pet coke, coal, various other minerals and many bulk liquid products to name a few. Continental’s material handling experience ranges from various loading and unloading systems to product movement through mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems and process pumping systems and to the storage and retrieval of those products.

Tennessee Valley Authority | Cumberland City, Tennessee
4 | Limestone Handling System

TVA needed to upgrade the scrubbers at their Cumberland City plant and a new limestone handling system was part of this improvement. Responsibility for this system was given to Continental. Over the course of the next year unloaders, conveyors, transfer points and crusher buildings were adeptly installed throughout the TVA property. The limestone system was completed well before the plant anticipated the scrubbers to be complete.