Since its founding in 1969, Continental has provided marine construction, initially focusing on material handling facilities in the Mississippi and Ohio River basins. Through the years, Continental has expanded its scope of marine construction services - now encompassing dock construction, wharves, mooring structures, etc. - to both public and private entities. We continue to serve the interior river basins throughout most of the continental United States and now include both Gulf and Atlantic coasts as well as the Caribbean.

Chattanooga Downtown Redevelopment Corporation | Chattanooga,Tennessee
1 | 21st Century Waterfront

Branded in 1969 by the Federal Government as "the city with the dirtiest air in the nation", Chattanooga had been transforming its image. A major downtown redevelopment funded by private and state funds completed the transformation. Continental was instrumental in the final stages as the contractor for the riverfront redevelopment. Our expertise in pile supported structures and ability to work from both land and water was just what Chattanooga needed. This project brought the revitalized downtown area an easily accessible interface to the beautiful riverfront.