No aspect of any building or structure is more important than its foundation. Continental has, since its inception, maintained a fleet of cranes and pile driving equipment for the installation of whatever type driven pile its various projects require and has provided experienced supervision and crews to perform the work. Continental’s pile driving experience covers both land-based and marine pile installations. In addition to driven pile installations, Continental’s management and staff are also experienced in performing deep-foundation design, whether the soils and working environment of a project dictate driven piles or one of the other various types of deep foundations.

Rivergate Industrial | Memphis, Tennessee
3 | Barge Handling Refurb Facility

First glance would lead most to believe that this was simply a large dock on an access waterway off the Mississippi. In the simplest of terms, it is; however, we see this as a structural masterpiece and an economic boon to the Memphis economy. This was the first phase in an industrial park that generated millions of dollars of investment in the Memphis economy.

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